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20 Février 2019

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Excurssions a Tichka | Auteur : Hayat | Date : 21-02-2003 17:32

J'organise des excurssion,d'une seule journée,a 106 km de Marrakech,en plein montagne,avec restauration sur place,et possibilité de faire une balade en montagne. contactez moi au:063418879 hors du Maroc:212 63418879 Melle.HAYAT

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Re: Excurssions a Tichka | Auteur : radwane ( 176 )
salut nous somme une agence de location de voiture et transport touristiqe veuillez travalier avec si vous ete besoins des vehicule merci de votre atention

excurssion pour fes | Auteur : zineb ( 424 )
bonjour j'aimerai bien participer a une excurssion a fes car j'adore cette ville et j el'ai jamais visiter mais je croix que ca peut pas etre pour une journee j'atend votre reponse merci

Serpil | Auteur : Serpil ( 4202 )
The culture there is amzniag. You'll see so much new and old contrasts, it is a lot to take it. You can have a great time in Marrakech without even sight seeing. Just wandering around, trying some of the cafe's and restaurants and shopping in the souks. You don't have to cover your head unless its part of your religion and beliefs. You should dress somewhat modestly, long sleeves, no cleavage and no miniskirts or short shorts. You'll see people when you're there dressed as if they're going to a club and they get nicely harassed for it. If neither of you are Moroccan you won't have a problem with the hotel room, from what I've read at least. If you have any doubts, call ahead and ask. You will want to see Djema Elfna Place, there is always live music and things going on, you can find fortune tellers, and you can get henna tattoos. You will encounter a lot of panhandlers and children trying to sell tissues and candies, but don't let it get to you because many of them are out there by choice. Keep close tabs on your handbag if you carry one, or wallet because there are some kids that think tourists are there to support them and they'll pick pocket you before you even realize what happened. It's not something you should really worry about just make sure to use your common sense.. If you go by a Cash machine to withdraw money, don't stand there counting it and don't wave your money around and you will be good. You will notice that you don't see couples in the street kissing and hugging, as in Islam they ideally don't date . Locals can actually get arrested for this, especially if they're not married so out of respect, you should probably leave that out of the public eye. You will be fine holding hands. If you meet anyone, its in their culture for women to kiss cheeks from right to left, so if you have someone try this don't be scared. It is a very beautiful place and you can learn a lot in just a few days. If you have any doubts about how to act, you'll see in a few days that you will be fine being yourself. Some people get offended by pointing and staring, some people get offended if you take their picture so try not to take a picture of individuals, you'll be fine taking pictures of crowds and sights. It can be cold there in the winter, but if it's hot you can wear tank tops and capri pants just as long as you're not showing a lot of cleavage because a lot of the guys like to stare and harass women who dress like this, because in their culture women don't dress that way so its something they find very sexy. If you tire of the Moroccan food or if you get craving for something like hamburgers there are a lot of snack shops which serve them, just make sure to read the menu carefully because their version of hamburgers is not always traditional American style. There are McDonalds and some other fast food restaurants, and there are supermarkets and actual stores, so if you want to look for anything that you can't find at the souks or a food like crisps or cookies you can find them at the supermarket and corner shops, and you can find nice clothing at some stores in New Marrakech. When you walk around make sure you remember from which way you came, or know how to get back because the souks can be frustrating to find your way through. It's ok to wear hats and things, not everyone speaks English so knowing any amount of French would benefit you. Aside from that, just enjoy!

  • Joshua | Auteur : Joshua ( 4385 )
SeongIk | Auteur : SeongIk ( 4259 )
le 18 fc3a9vrier 2012, je suis contactc3a9 par BLUE INVEST. Ayant dc3a9jc3a0 c3a9tc3a9 a href=""esorcqu/ac3a9 il y a un certain temps, je ne donne c3a9videmment pas suite c3a0 cette bande d'escrocs du Maroc.

Anna | Auteur : Anna ( 4432 )
I think you will have a blast in Marrakech and you will get to experience Moroccan hoaiptslity at its best. Couple of words of advice: dress modestly in traditional part of the town and learn the art of bargaining in the outdoor market. It is not a bad idea to befriend locals as it is the best way to get the most out of your trip. Casablanca is the economic capital, things are a little more fast pace. It is a metropolitan kind of environment where you definitely need to be aware of your surrounding (e.g: pickpockets) I would visit Casa as people call it (did you know that there is a cafe there that is a tribute to the movie with Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. Fez is the spiritual capital it is an interesting stop to add to your trip.It is especially nice to go there during the spiritual music festival that features artists from around the world. Tangier is a busy port you will definitely note the Spanish influence, I like the Strait of Gibraltar where Meditteranean meets the Atlantic

Kittenz | Auteur : Kittenz ( 4276 )
Thanks so much for this downright westbie;this is the words that keeps me awake through the day. I've been looking around for this site after I heard about them from a buddy and was thrilled when I found it after searching for awhile. Being a avid blogger, I'm glad to see others taking initivative and contributing to the community. Just wanted to comment to show my approval for your article as it's very energizing, and many writers do not get appreciation they deserve. I am sure I'll visit again and will spread the word to my friends.

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