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24 Mars 2023

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Achat d'un riad à MARRAKECH | Auteur : JAN | Date : 24-10-2005 12:51

Bonjour, je suis résident français et je suis actuellement en recherche de riads à rénover dans la médina de MARRAKECH. Dans l'avancée de mon projet de lutte aujourd'hui pour me mettre d'accord sur le prix d'achat qui ne cesse de changer en fonction de l'humeur du propriétaire: quelles sont vos expériences concernant votre investissement sur ce sujet et comment avez-vous vous pu acquérir un bien malgré les difficultés rencontrées? Bien cordialement. David JAN mail:

Répondre à ce message

Re: Achat d'un riad à MARRAKECH | Auteur : saad ( 601 )
le plus important apres le coup de foudre pour le riad est la situation juridique de celui-ci. il est impératif que celui-ci soit titré pour éviter toute mauvaise surprise. cela justifie le prix légerement plus élevé de ce type de riad. pour tout autre question ou proposition vous pouvez me contacter par mail: ""

Martha | Auteur : Martha ( 3998 )
You're not going to find 6 nights for 600 doalrls in manhattan . To get a good deal try booking through a site like priceline. They have name your price where you specify the area, stars, etc then put the price you're willing to pay. The only problem is you don't know the hotel until its booked. The time I used it it was fine (crowne plaza in times square). Good luck and have fun

Katyusha | Auteur : Katyusha ( 3999 )
This hotel is in the area of the Pigalle, which was known to World War II era GI's as Pig Alley as it was infamous for its (really ugly) pituortstes. It remains an area with many sex shops, sleazy bars and pituortstes. However, please note that none of these activites (including prostitution) are illegal in France. Generally speaking there is little violent crime in the city of Paris. Such things tend to be found in the suburbs where the poor, and especially the non-white poor, have been relegated by the government to huge Stalinist housing projects. Still, it would be wise to keep your wits about you in this area. Drunks who've been hanging out in strip clubs and porno movies are going to be jerks no matter where you are. I personally suggest that people stay in the center of the city but Paris is compact and easy to navigate. From this location you can easily access Montmartre which will be northwest of your hotel which is popular with visitors and you're really only a 15 minute bus ride to the center of the city.

Vina | Auteur : Vina ( 4000 )
Thank you for your kind comments , its good to see that all my hard work has not gone to waste. Please susribcbe to this site for the latest information on cheap deals on hotels stay worldwide. Exclusive offers on Hotels in London , New York ,Paris and Madrid. and last min deals on Holidays of a life time.Warm RegardsAdmin Team

Jozelio | Auteur : Jozelio ( 4001 )
Its really too bad that Suman dsoent have anything better to do than make up inappropriate answers to 18 year olds question, especially when he dsoent know why she is asking. Why dont you stick to answering computer and math questions and stop insulting people.

Leticia | Auteur : Leticia ( 4002 )
I haven't stayed at that hotel but I've been to Disney 3 times in the last 6 years I love it!Going with chrldien so young you'll have a great time in Fantasy land with the kids just be careful the food is quite expensive But other than that you will have a great time enjoy!!

Andika | Auteur : Andika ( 4004 )
If you're coming dnruig the week of Ash Wednesday, avoid the Quarter if you want to get sleep. If you want to party with thousands of other people, then Hotel Provincial in the Quarter is really nice. Check out some hotels in Uptown. Its a nice neighborhood and you can take the streetcar into the quarter if you want to.PS- Don't stay in Metairie if you want a taste of NOLA. Its just like any other suburban area in the United States.

Vanhelsing | Auteur : Vanhelsing ( 4003 )
08-10-2011Salut les filles,J'espe8re que votre journe9e s'est bien passe9e et que vous eates arvrier e0 temps pour le bateau.Bonne journe9e pour demain et le0 c'est vrai que le de9fi commence.Bonne chance et ayez du palisirMamimou XXX

toz | Auteur : toz ( 4005 )
Just opposite the CMC main etcnanre there is a bazaar streetcalled gandhi( i am not sure about the name). There are lot ofbudget hotels located in the street.For chennai just after the chennai corporation bldg(ripon building)periamet street there are lot of good hotels and cheap hotels on walltax street.

Re: Achat d'un riad à MARRAKECH | Auteur : nadine ( 4034 )
bonjour, si vous êtes encors chercher un riad? je connais un riad pas cher toutes ces informations dans ce site : bn chance.

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